Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Now that was fun!

Now that was fun! And...more than that, warm!

My first commute in the snow. My first outing with my new winter gloves. My first warm cold ride!

You'll recall that a few days ago, I complained bitterly (at least as bitterly as ever I complain) that I couldn't find any gloves warm enough, wind resistant enough, or otherwise good enough to keep me from freezing my fingers on my (relatively) short rides to or from work (or anywhere else between two points). That changed today -- or, at least there's a glimmer of hope on the warm gloves front.

That few days ago I was so incredibly frustrated. Frustated that gloves advertised as wind-proof or water-proof or winter-proof or cold-weather simply weren't what their advertisers believed them to be: warm. I started to believe it was my hands fault that they froze almost immediately on a relatively short ride in a relatively cold temperature.

At first, I thought the problem was that the gloves I had simply weren't thick enough. My nice fleecey gloves were nice and warm on a good cool weather morning; but they didn't hold up when faced with 30 degree temperatures and a moderately stiff breeze. So, I picked up some thick gloves. Aha! . . . nope. That wasn't it.

Within the first few days of trying them out, the temperature on my daily ride dipped into the teens (with windchill) and then into the teens without (and below with). My fingers barely made it. They hurt! They hurt a lot! And they didn't warm nearly as quickly as I'd hoped.

The culprit, I thought, must be the wind. So, I dutifully sought out windproof gloves. Nope. That wasn't it; or, it wasn't those particular gloves that helped. They were too thin, not padded enough, not comfortable enough, not warm enough. They may have been wind-proof and/or water-proof, but they weren't cold proof! Nice enough for what they were; but not adequate for my freezing fingers.

But this weekend, I searched yet again for Quivira. And I found it -- or at least I think so -- or, at least the glove version of Quivira as it happens on Quivira! I was hooked up with a nice pair of Pearl Izumi AmFib Gloves.

And so far, these gloves have been far better than anything coming before. For the first time, my face started to freeze sooner than my fingers. For the first time, I made it all the way home without the strong hint that my fingers were getting too cold. For the first time, I was happy with my gloves!

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