Friday, March 27, 2009

A good challenging ride!

A great ride home today...well, home and to the Bike Shop to pick up a new special bike for my step-son -- which was closed much to everyone's dismay (although, while biking there, I realized that it closes at 6:00 pm on Fridays).

A great ride home; but challenging. My regular ride to and back from work is a nice, pleasurable few degrees up and down both ways. The trip I took this evening was much hillier and much more taxing (which is a good thing). On top of the ups-and-downs of the Nall Hills, I also had the North wind against me much of the way -- and at between 15 - 25 mph, that was quite a bit of additional energy (over the regular trek). I needed to make up for the miles I've lost sitting out the past couple of weekends -- not to mention that I seriously doubt I'll get any miles in tomorrow, what with picking up the bike that we tried to get today and the predicted "up to 9 inches" snow they were predicting for tomorrow afternoon at evening news time today!\

Maybe I'll get some miles in tomorrow anyway; if for nothing else than to get that every wonderful Roasterie Latte :)

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