Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deer One

This is a day old now, but it's still a great story!

It was a great bike ride yesterday morning at the break of dawn (or a little before) on Tax Day! I wasn't surprised when I came upon two joggers running towards me: it happens everyday it's nice. The difference was that only about a block later, I thought I saw another jogger out of my left-peripheral vision (although in my early-morning state, I imagined it was some stealthy person trying to hide him/herself since the person was alongside the roadway. I quickly realized, however, that it wasn't a jogger. It was a Doe running along-side me off the road. It then darted out into-and-across Tomahawk only about 10 feet in front of me. Crossing the street, it then ran through the front-yards of a few houses leading up to Nall. It then darted out onto the street, crossing Nall less than 20 feet in front of oncoming traffic -- maybe two or three cars, which at that time of the morning is quite a few. It then continued onto the east-side of Nall, running through the backyards to who knows where.

My question was: from where and to where? How could a Deer get that far into the middle of the city? Brush Creek? Well, it would have been further into the city to have come from a larger part of Brush Creek -- and Brush Creek only begins a few blocks from my house -- and the Deer wasn't coming from that direction. Where was it going? I know there are parks close to my house; but none that would provide enough daytime cover for a Deer to hide. Now I'm going to have to investigate!

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