Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Wierd Kansas Day

This year has already been one of the strangest in terms of weather that I remember.

Today was beautiful...or so it seemed.

I was about to take off from the office on my trek home, when I decided to quickly check the weather. I popped up to make sure I was dressed properly. Ah...a nice 47, with moderate winds and gusts to 15. Being as how it was about 15 minutes since I'd last checked, I decided to refresh. . . . A drop of 4 degrees!

But then, suddenly, I look out the window and there is something falling from the sky. Not quite rain, but not No. Couldn't be. White pedals falling? Never!

Wait. . . . I raise from my chair to get a closer look to find out what is falling in front of my window.

Unmistakeable. Snow! Snow? But it's 43!

So hurriedly, I again check the weather. Arghh! It's dropped another 5 degrees in little more than 10 seconds!

But again, I try...and it's back to 43...then again, and it's at 38...Again! It's 43...all the while, snowing.

This is definitely weird. Even for Kansas!

Now. I know there has to be a rational explanation. But I don't know what it is. Perhaps changing weather stations (from moment to moment?); perhaps refresh from my own computer's memory (nah). But whatever it is, it still fits into weird.

So, I start on my way home (unable to get any good pictures of the snow falling), but I did get one of traffic.

So goes another day of Kansas cycling.

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