Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Near miss...

Every cycling commuter has suffered at least one "near miss" if commuting has lasted more than a few months. I've had my "close near misses" in the past. Usually, it's an inattentive driver, someone who pulls out into the street ready to race off when the light changes, a "California stop," or some other such thing.

And, I suppose, you could classify many or most of the "close near misses" as that -- thoughtlessness, carelessness, hecticness.

At the risk of stereotyping or, worse yet, "profiling," many of those thoughtless, careless and hectic drivers are in trucks -- whether they are SUVs, Pickups, or Vans. By far the worst, however, seem to be what I'd classify as "The Monster Truck" -- the truck that seems to have the purpose of enhancing the manhood of the driver and (perhaps) intimidate all those around. They are the "half truck-half semi" manner of pickup. They are the vehicles that are often larger-than-life, with jacked-up suspension with the (usually) male driver behind the wheel who seems more often than not, prepared for a bit of road-rage no matter what the time of day or circumstances surrounding the scene.

Thus bringeth me to my conclusion. This evening on my travail home, I encountered such a being; such a monster, such a thing. A Monster Truck driven by one who really seemed to care not what was in his way, because he wanted to get where he was going, no matter the cost, the price, the result, or the way in which it happened. Luckily, my brakes were strong enough, my reactions fast enough, and my suspicion high enough that I was able to avoid the inevitable without problem -- only to then hear the Monster rev his engine and speed along on his happy way.

At least I was able to do the same -- only on a smaller and slower vehicle equally entitled to the road.

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