Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On to this morning...

The Monster Truck interrupted me. I was about to say how *incredibly cold* it was this morning. Oh. And about the wardrobe failure.

Wardrobe failure. It's gained a whole cult-meaning. But this time, it was just a pain.

Knowing that sooner-or-later I was going to encounter unbearably cold temperatures in my quest to ride through the year, I bought a pair of ski goggles. Not a great pair, mind you; but an adequate pair. A pair that was advertised as "no-fog," and certainly a pair that looked adequate for the job: seals around the eyes so that my hot breath wouldn't rise up through my Balaclava into my glasses and fog them over only to be frozen (as happened in mid-December).

But no. In fact, these goggles didn't even last as far as my regular glasses did in colder weather! A mere 2 miles into my ride and I had to stop because my goggles were not only fogged over, but the fog had frozen. Frozen to the point of not being able to see!

So I pulled over (in the middle of downtown Overland Park) to clean off the frost, the fog, and the ice. And I was fine...for almost another mile. But then, I was fogged-and-frozen-over yet again! In fact, I had to stop two more times between downtown Overland Park and my office to clean off my glasses (by taking of my gloves and spending some time making sure that not only the ice, but the moisture, was gone from my glasses). In fact, for the first time, I stopped on the 87th Street Quik Trip to take advantage of their heating and light. Not a good thing!

Note to self: buy better goggles. Note to self: well enough is not well enough.

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