Monday, January 5, 2009

Singing birds

The only problem with having an alarm-clock that has a pleasant "ring" (actually, wonderful birds singing or wind chimes tingling) is that it doesn't "clang" me awake. I had that experience this morning. I woke up at 4:45 realizing that I could actually get a few more minutes of shut-eye before my regular rousing-time of 5:30. I laid back to get my well-deserved rest and woke and a half hours later! Ooops. Egad! How could I do such a thing? How could I have missed my wake-up call when all I had was 45 minutes to lazily rest before getting ready for the nice chill of this morning's ride?

It has to be the birds! So pleasant, so wonderful, so "not annoying" (unlike every other alarm I've ever had) that I think I actually woke up at one point and fell right back to sleep (not that I completely remember, but a vague blur in my mind tells me that's what happened!).

Knowing that I'd seriously missed my target and that the morning rush-hour drivers were getting ready to go out on the roads bearing upon their hapless victims, I knew my time was short. So, I quickly got ready without checking the weather and streaked out the door (well, ok; not "streaked"). I quickly dressed in my C-9 and short-sleeve with Vagabond jacket and Illuminite tights for a wonderful ride to work. For some reason, not checking the weather this morning (and-or trying to catch-up on time missed sleeping) made my ride this morning faster than usual. Even though it seemed I was stopped (or nearly stopped) by every light between home and work, I ended up making relatively good time at 23 minutes. Not bad -- but a long way from my target 20 minutes.

In my haste, I found out later in the morning that I'd put on the wrong Vagabond jacket, throwing on my wife's jacket instead of my own (having put mine away in the closet for once, instead of leaving it ready-and-waiting, which is where I found her's)! Ah well. It worked; if it was a bit tighter than usual -- once I realized I had the wrong jacket-and-size!

This evening was as always a bit more trying with the rush hour evening traffic. Too many stop lights lasting too long changing red at just the wrong time! I wasn't close to the time I wanted and...come to think of it...I even forgot to check the time -- or turn-off the timer!

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