Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snow...and ice

What a great ride! At least, it was this morning.

This morning was such a pleasant ride. I think I've finally found the right combination of clothing and gloves that works in Kansas cold and Kansas weather.

I ended up with an aborted trip to work yesterday. Not more than a mile away from home and I had to turn around because my goggles fogged and froze over. That was not adequate. I turned around and headed back for home. Not my plan. Not my hope. Not my desire. But, it ended up being the best thing in "life terms." Things happen for a reason...and this one did too.

Today, I headed out at my regular 6 am to the frosty tunes of snow. A great morning. Not much traffic, not any ice, not many problems, and not the incredibly bitter cold of yesterday morning (even though it was only 1 degree when I started out my journey this morning, it was -16 with windchill yesterday).

The gloves were right for the first time in cold (two layers, cheapo-PC-version mittens on the outside and Planet Bike Borealis on the inside. perfect.

My raincoat (Illiminite) on the outside (even those its been way too hot on most mornings, it wasn't these past couple)...and much better than the slightly lighter Vagabond II.

Tonight, a nice pleasant ride home with little traffic. A great nice. A great morning.

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