Friday, January 2, 2009

What a wonderful day!

Another day in the 50s and a Great Day for cycling!

The second day of the year; but it seems nearly Spring. I'm sure any thoughts of the temperatures lingering will soon be dashed. For today, however, it was great.

I woke a bit later than usual, and the temperatures were a little cooler than yesterday -- 27 degrees with little wind at the beginning and about the same when I arrived at work. It's amazing how cycling through the days makes every subsequent day a little easier. This morning was easier than yesterday's ride; and yesterday's ride was easier than the day before. But then, the holidays probably have something to do with the slacking off and hard gearing up for the next ride. Oh. And the cold temperatures. The cold temperatures are definitely one of those things that seems to make every trip a bit more difficult -- although very fun.

The ride home this afternoon was a bit of Spring in the middle of Winter -- and, as always, a temperature that would be nice to harness for those very cold days that will inevitably happen later this month. Of course, I forgot my lighter gloves this morning, so I ended up having to wear my "crab-claws" home in 50 degree weather. Such a bummer.

I realize also that I need to get a new tire for my Roubaix. I found a slice in the rear tire and a slight balloon in the tube.

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